Fall 2018 Semester

Fall 2018

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer. We are back from our Summer vacation but we still have a few family members visiting for the summer. It’s been busy! So, I better start planning my Fall 2018 Semester before all the family comes!

I want to welcome my new families! There is plenty planned ahead. Here's a taste of some of my plans:

Semester begins week of August 12th - December 17th - total of 16 lessons plus one make-up lesson.

I’ll have an end-of-Summer recital in September, our 3rd Annual Halloween Recital, and also our Annual Christmas Recital!

The end-of-Summer Recital will be for my adult students. The tentative date for this recital is September 29th. Please come and see their accomplishments!

The Halloween Recital is on Halloween Day!  Start planning your Halloween costume.  We'll start working on a Halloween/Fall piece!  This is the only recital that is optional but those that have participated have had fun at this recital. If students are prepared with a piece, I will highly encourage them to play at the Halloween Recital. It’s at my house.

The last one for this semester is the Annual Christmas Recital. Don’t be surprised to hear your child playing a Christmas Carol in October! It’s all part of preparation for the Christmas Recital. I love all the different Christmas Music arrangements that are out there. I look forward to assigning their music and helping them prepare for this recital. Date will be announced later on for date, location, and time.

I took a small survey about managing books and materials payments. Most of you said that whichever way I managed it would be fine with you. So, I will continue to use the same system as last semester: Your child will have a Books Invoice Sheet in front of the notebook. I will tally up the charges and will total it up towards the end of the semester. It worked well for me and hopefully for you too.

Group Class: I am starting a pre-school group class. If you know anyone with pre-K children – 4 - 5years old, please have them contact me! Class will be on Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. Thanks!